Access Audits

Examples of access audit tools - tape measure, spirit level and door force gauge

"The Mill values the experience, expertise and guidance provided by Sarah through the Access Audit.  Her recommendations have been wide encompassing - from quick fixes to long term plans, all have merit in improving the services at our community centre.  Throughout the Audit Sarah has shown patience and a deep understanding of the challenges of running a space for local people."

Helen Bigham, Business Development Manager, The Mill

Commissioning an access audit of your building can help identify ways to make it more accessible and inclusive to disabled staff and customers.  This can help your organisation to contribute to equality for disabled people, meet your obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and realise the cultural and financial benefits of inclusion.

I have delivered access audits for:

  • Commercial buildings, including offices and cafes / restaurants

  • Community buildings, including community centres, churches and healthcare services

  • Arts and music venues, including grassroots venues and theatres

  • Live arts and music events, including festivals and community events

I have worked for clients across all sectors and of all sizes.

I am a member of the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC), the UK's only independent accreditation service for access consultancy.

Contact me to discuss your organisation's needs.

Out on site for an access audit

Sarah Teichler auditing a toilet block